Anthony King is a Stand-Up Comedian, Workshop Leader, Mentor and Business Trainer.

For over thirty years, Anthony has been performing stand-up comedy throughout the U.K. and abroad. He also performs historical comedy shows where he combines song writing with stand-up routines based on historical events and characters. In 2002, he began leading workshops in stand-up comedy aimed at budding comedians and found that many people were attending for other reasons, such as self-confidence, public speaking and presentation skills.

The stand-up comedy methods ticked all the same boxes as self-confidence and business training methods with the added bonus of being fun and creating material. 

Since 2013, The Big Difference Company have employed Anthony to mentor and workshop for their annual Stand-Up Challenge in aid of charity, where business people take on the task of creating their own material for a 'live' performance. The challenge  has also been taken up in Nottingham and Wolverhampton since it's inception.